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Pages: 319
ISBN: 0007453531
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After hearing a lot of positive comments about this book I decided to read it and see what the hype surrounding David Walliam's is all about. Ratburger is a story about a young girl called Zoe who has just started secondary school. Her beloved hamster has just died, she has ginger hair, she is very poor as her father has lost his job and she has a horrible stepmother who does nothing but insult Zoe and eat prawn cocktail crisps! Zoe adores animals and is heartbroken to find her hamster dead one day. Zoe later befriends a rat she finds in her room and finally feels like things may be going right for her, this is until a disgusting man who makes burgers from rats steals Zoe's new pet. It's safe to say little Zoe has quite a tough time in this story.

I must say that at times I was a little disappointed but can definitely see why children enjoy this book. Ratburger is generally funny, quite graphic and in parts rather gruesome! This book would be ideal for children aged 9+ and a good book for them to read on their own. The print is large and the illustrations are fantastic. The story shows how bullying can have an impact on peoples lives and could also help children to realise that there is usually someone alot more worse off than themselves.

Overall, a good book for KS2 children that is definitely different to most other children's books I have read!

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