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The Gaudí Key

The Gaudí Key
Pages: 488
ISBN: 0007281633
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Barcelona, city of mystery, and Antonio Gaudí, its most famous exponent are the subjects of this gripping new thriller for all lovers of religious conspiracy.

As the Grand Master of an ancient religious brotherhood nears death, he chooses to entrust to Antonio Gaudí a sacred object whose existence has been a guarded secret since the early Christian era. The great architect protects the artefact by hiding it where he believes it might never be discovered.

A new century, and a new danger. The granddaughter of Gaudí’s apprentice is now charged with finding the holy object. With the help of Miguel, her mathematician boyfriend, Maria unravels the clues Gaudí placed in his work. The prize, she believes, is the whereabouts of a sacred relic. But as mutilated bodies and sinister enemies follow in their wake, both realize that what’s at stake is of far greater importance . . . and their survivial is the key.

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