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Secretos de la Vid
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"...what God wants from me - a fruitful harvest for Him." (15)

"[Fruit in the Bible doesn't mean evangelism only] ...fruit symbolized the best result or sweetest prize in life." (20)

"The fruit from your life is how God receives His due honor on earth . . . You bear inner fruit when you allow God to nurture in you a new, Christlike quality... You bear outward fruit when you allow God to work through you to bring Him glory." (21)

"'New branches have a natural tendency to trail down and grow along the ground' he explained. 'But they don't bear fruit down there.' . . . 'What do you do?' I asked. 'Cut it off and throw it away?' 'Oh, no!' he exclaimed. 'The branch is much too valuable for that. We go through the vineyard with a bucket of water looking for those branches. We lift them up and wash them off.' He demonstrated for me with dark, callused hands. 'Then we wrap them around the trellis or tie them up. Pretty soon they're thriving.' . . . God doesn't throw them away or abandon them. He lifts them up, cleans them off, and helps them flourish again. Suddenly I had a burst of insight. Lift up... clean... I have never read John 15 in the same way again." (34)

"I know [about misconstruing God's pruning as discipline]. For years I struggled with anger and confusion because I mistook the process of pruning for discipline. When intense periods of distress seemed to lay siege to me, my family, or my ministry, I turned things upside down looking for the kind of major sin that would warrant the discomfort I was experiencing. I asked Darlene to help me see what I was missing. I pleaded, 'What else do you want from me, Lord?' I confessed every known sin and waited for relief. But when nothing changed, I frequently slipped into anger toward God, then into bitterness, then mistrust. The result was a break in my relationship with Him." (63) // this is how i feel about the last 5+ years of my life. the positive is that whenever i feel this, i turn *to* Him instead of from Him.

**p66 has a chart defining discipline and pruning.

"...early pruning is mostly about your outward activities and priorities, mature pruning is about your values and personal identity." (72)

"Tests of faith are various trials and hardships that invite you to surrender something of great value to God even when you have every right not to. You will feel assaulted or stretched by circumstances, but not distant from God; tried by Him, but not judged or guilty." (73)

"God doesn't apply pain when a more pleasant method would do just as well. Pruning is always the only and best answer to our deepest desires..." (74)

"Even though the duration, depth, and breadth of pruning seasons vary, no season lasts indefinitely. A season is coming, I promise, when you will know that you are no longer under God's shears. Everywhere you look you'll see amazing evidence of personal transformation and expanded ministry for God." (75)

"Lord, let me make a difference for you that is utterly disproportionate to who I am." (85)

**pp93 God doesn't want me to do more for Him, He wants me to do more with Him.

"The only limitation on the amount of sap that goes tot the fruit is the circumference of the branch where it meets the vine. That means that the branch with the largest, least-obstructed connection with the vine is the most and will have the greatest potential for a huge crop." (95)

"In abiding, it's always our move!" (97)

"Unless my friendship with God became my first priority, George predicted that I would never fulfill my true destiny as a Christian or a leader." (98)

"Nothing pleases God more than when we ask for what He wants to give." (115)

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