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Secretos de la Vid
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ISBN: 0789918862
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I am into spiritual stuff also so I am stocking up more more more spiritual book. :)) Spiritual stuff are life changing, perspective broadening and you can't just put it into words but you feel enlightened. Like you're connected to the Source or to God or to Whatever you call it. I love this year. So much learning is bestowed upon me and I'm not even worthy lol. Before this year, I am into "my-religion-is-the-best-attitude" then I went to "Do God even exist" to "Is there any God at all?" and if there is "Where is the proof?" to "There is no proof" "Science ain't proving it" "Therefore there is no God" and therefore becoming the ultimate atheist ever... but lo and behold...2014 came and I am saved from eternal damnation! lol. What I realized is, I was very egoistic in my past years that's why I cannot see the reason why there should be God and why there is God. I am relying on my little knowledge and as I've said, I was too egoistic that I relied much on myself for explanations and reasons. I forgot that I am not the ultimate source of knowledge....but google! haha kidding aside, I love that I am back to the light and love and I know I sound crazy for the most especially for the non-believers but believe me, I've been on the same shoes like you guys for the longest years and it is no fun. Living like that is not creative, not lively and dull. I am not going back to my old ways and I cannot, once you're enlightened, you simply cannot turn back. Plus and the biggest plus is, I was introduced to Quantum Physics which is a branch of science that deals with the explanation of why there is god and fourth dimension and non-physical beings and place making me believe more in what i believe now. See? I thought science can't prove, but year after year, we're discovering that the teachings of the spiritual leaders like Jesus or Buddha are well,THE TRUTH. :)

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