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Secretos de la Vid
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Similar to his treatment of Scripture in "The Prayer of Jabez" Wilkinson seems to have almost no inkling about how and why the Bible was written, or how it ought to be applied to our lives today. Indeed, the goal IS to get to application, but only after we understand what the text would have meant to the writer and original audience. Instead of demonstrating to the reader that he has this knowledge, he imposes his own perception of "abundance" on the text, rather than letting Scripture interpret Scripture. He assumes that the branches bearing no fruit are actual Christians instead of unbelieving Israel. He then misses the main point of the passage in John 15, that it's the work of the vinedresser that brings about the growth of fruit in the plant, not about my human methods that bring about God's favor.

This is the same critical error that makes "Jabez" so dangerous, and like "Jabez" he assumes the Gospel is understood by the reader. That, or he simply ignores it, or perhaps doesn't even understand it himself. I'm unclear on that point, because I always get the impression that he wants to add something to the Gospel, something which will bring about greater favor or greater grace. Either way, even though this book contains a good amount of truth, it contains so much error that I cannot recommend it to anyone.

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