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X-Men Noir

X-Men Noir
Pages: 120
ISBN: 0785131833
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I was kind of on the fence about this book from the get go. And the beginning didn't really reassure me too much. Let me start off by saying that stylistically the story, characters and art are dead on. Imagine that this is much like what Neil Gaiman did for the WHOLE marvel universe in "1602" but it focuses on the universe of the X-men and places them in the 1920's in a pulp noir setting (thus no powers). Now 1602 had 8 issues to do what this one did in only 4 issues. This lead to the story feeling a bit rushed and unfocused. However, Fred Van Lente pulls it out be the later half of the book. It ends with a strong and bloody last quarter that really redeems the whole book for me. It was almost a 4 star rating for me, cause the art and story work well together to convey the dark gritty noir themes, but the beginning is just too rushed and chaotic for me to give it 4 stars. I wish this mini-series had been given at least 6 issues if not 8. This could have lead to something truly epic, instead its just "neat".

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